Top things to do in Uruguay

Tuesday, 6 August 2013 2:24 PM

With news last month that Air Europa has just launched flights from London Gatwick via Madrid to Montevideo in Uruguay, we’ve come up with a list of our top things to do in the little-known South American country.

Explore the streets of Montevideo
Montevideo is South America’s most laid back capital and with its interesting mix of art deco and neoclassical architecture, it’s quirky bohemian nature and plenty of shops and art museums to peruse, it’s well worth exploring. You’ll even be able to relax on beach after you’re exploration as the city is home to a sprawling stretch of golden sand, popular with locals on a sunny weekend.

Montevideo, Uruguay


Learn to dance tango
Tango may be the national dance of Argentina, but it’s Uruguay’s too and learning here could actually give you much more of an authentic experience than in the touristy tango clubs of Buenos Aires.



Visit the Football Museum
Did you know that Uruguay was the first country to host and win the World Cup back when it started in 1930? Visit Museo del Fútbol at Montevideo’s Centenario Stadium to see where it all began as well as admiring photos, signed strips, awards and trophies all relating to ‘the beautiful game’.

Uruguay football team


Walk the cobble streets of Colonia del Sacramento
Colonia is perhaps the most picturesque town in Uruguay. Sitting across from the vibrant Argentine capital of Buenos Aires, separated only by the Rio del Plata, it's full of romantic cobbled streets and cute colonial architecture. This is one place where you won’t be able to put your camera away.

Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay


Gorge on steak in Montevideo’s ’s Mercado del Puerto - Like Argentineans, Uruguayans are mad about steak too and theirs is some of the best, juiciest and cheapest in the world. Head to the city’s port and to find the city’s historical market place where you can sit upstairs on old wooden balconies, enjoying everything from steak parilla to cheesy empanadas (like mini Cornish pasties filled with various fillings).



Laze on the beaches of Punta del Este
The beach resort of Punta del Este may not be too well known outside South America, but within the continent it's known to be one of the classiest places to holiday, with top hotels, designer shops and beachside villas, it attract the likes of the rich and famous. La Mano en Arena (hand in the sand) is one of the best loved sights in the area. 

Punta del Este


Make the trek to Cabo Polonio
Along the country’s far eastern shores lies Cabo Polonio, a small fishing village at the end of peninsula. Wild and windswept, this isolated village is home to only around 100 residents, and travellers who wish to visit have to leave their vehicles at the entrance to the national park surrounding the village and hike the 4km to the village on foot. The village has changed little in years and standing frozen in time, it attracts many types of wildlife, from sea lions and seals, to whales, dolphins and many types of seabirds.

sea lion


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Montevideo, Uruguay

New route launches to Montevideo, Uruguay

Air Europa, Spain’s largest privately owned airline, launched its new route to Montevideo, Uruguay’s capital, last week.

Punta del Este - South America's swankiest beach resort

Feature: Punta del Este - South America’s swankiest beach resort

The small country of Uruguay squashed in between the giants of Brazil and Argentina is not on most travellers’ must visit lists on a trip round South America. However, quirky, sophisticated and laidback Uruguay has a lot to offer, not to mention the fact that it is home to one of South America’s swankiest beach resorts.

dancer at the Rio Carnival, Brazil

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Top things to do in Uruguay

Montevideo, Uruguay

With news last month that Air Europa has just launched flights from London Gatwick via Madrid to Montevideo in Uruguay, we’ve come up with a list of our top things to do in the little-known South American country.