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Tenerife's tastiest ice cream parlours - the best places for ice cream on the island

Saturday, 3 August 2013 1:23 PM

When heading on any sort of holiday, people always want to spend their time in the build up learning all about the area they will be visiting, so they can get a good grasp of the place and the activities that are available. Individuals look up anything from what the restaurants are like there to how far the beach is away from their accommodation.

Precious few look up where the best ice cream places are, even though when holidaying in a hot country they are something of a staple in the diet. We are not talking about Magnums that you can buy down at your local supermarket; rather, the homemade variety concocted with natural ingredients or artesania, as it is known in Spanish.

There are a huge number of flavours available for people to try nowadays from bubble and liquorice to papaya and passionfruit. So here is a guide to the best ice cream parlours on the island of Tenerife.

1.       La Golosa - found in Los Cristianos, towards the end of Geranium Walk. It has a high quality selection of different flavours, which helps to make it stand out from the others in the town. All ice cream should have a dense yet creamy consistency, and La Golosa's treats have just that. They can soothe anyone on a hot summer's day, of which there are plenty in Tenerife. So if you're in the vicinity, try to search out this place.

2.       Heladeria Demaestri can be found in the town of El Medano, situated in Plaza Roja close to the harbour wall. Once again, as with all good ice cream parlours, their delectable selection is wonderfully rich and creamy. You can sit in their colourful shop or, as most would do, take it out and enjoy the sun while walking along the boardwalk. Watch out for their chocolate brownie flavour!

3.       Gelandia, also in Los Cristianos, is another place that is a firm favourite among the local people and tourists in the know. One of the chief reasons probably being because it is a short walk from the main beach. However, the fact the ice cream is delicious is a delightful bonus. It doesn't boast as great a selection as other places, but the tastes they produce are fantastic. In particular, try the leche merengada, which is a mix of milk, lemon and cinnamon.

4.       Situated in Playa de las Americas, Gelotomania provides a smorgasbord of refreshing treats that would quench the thirst and soothe the appetite of anyone on a warm day. It also provides the most exotic of selections with the likes of Baileys, Coca Cola, Red Bull and apple pie all available for those of you that are feeling a little more adventurous.

5.       Last but certainly not least in the selection is Ferrari, which is situated on Las Galletas promenade near Costa del Silencio. As with all of the previous ones chosen, there are a number of great ice creams to choose from. This also has a terrific location to sit outside in the sun watching the world go by, with the sun drenching the whole area.

This is by no means an exhaustive list, so don't think that you have to travel miles and miles to find one of these great ice cream parlours. Cosmos has a wide range holidays all around Tenerife to choose from, so take a look at the different packages available. However, if you do just that, you can rest assured that the first taste will not disappoint.

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