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Disney World, Orlando, Florida

Ten tips to save money in Orlando, Florida this summer

Everyone knows that family summer holidays can be expensive, so here are some top tips on how to save money in one of the most popular family summer holiday destinations - Orlando in Florida.

3 in 10 Brits have looked into moving abroad after a holiday

3 in 10 Brits have looked into moving abroad after a holiday

Three in ten Brits have looked into - or even started to arrange - a move to a different country after falling in love with it while on holiday, a study has revealed. Millions of Brits have browsed estate agent windows, looked into the cost of living and even searched for jobs to see if they could relocate permanently to their favourite holiday destination.

Tuesdays are cheapest days to fly

Tuesdays are cheapest days to fly

Tuesdays are the cheapest days to fly according to travel search site momondo.co.uk, who also found through their new Flight Insight tool that flying towards the end of the week could cost up to 46 per cent more.

Teenagers spend two hours a day on social networks during family holidays

Teenagers spend two hours a day on social networks on holiday

The average teenager spends nearly two hours a day on social networking sites during the annual family holiday, a study has revealed. Researchers found that a third of parents claim their kids barely look up from their smart phones or computers and are more concerned about keeping in touch with mates back home than spending time with the family.

Brits ditch holidays with friends for holidays with families

Brits ditch holidays with friends in favour of family vacations

When it comes to holidays, it appears that the days of lads’ weekends and girlie getaways are on the way out, with 58 per cent of Brits admitting they prefer going on holiday with family rather than friends, according to a new study.

An ice cream over £1.86 is deemed 'too expensive'

A £2 ice cream or a £90 hotel are ‘too expensive’ on holiday

An ice cream over £1.86, a family meal out over £70 and a hotel costing anything more than £90 a night is ‘too expensive’, a new study has revealed.

Kids having fun at Legoland Florida

Last minute Florida travel deals

Florida is one of the top destinations for a family summer holiday and not just because of Mickey and all his friends. The sunshine state is also home to some of the USA’s best beaches, many species of wildlife and vibrant cities. So if you haven’t booked your summer holiday yet, here’s our pick of some last minute Florida travel deals.

Research shows kids are in control when planning a holiday

As schools break up for the summer, research for the Post Office Family Holiday Report has revealed that many parents bow to pressure from their children, making holiday decisions that will cost them.

How the world will celebrate the birth of the Royal Baby

As the announcement was made today that Kate went into labour early this morning and Royal Baby mania grips the country, IWantSun.co.uk has finally decided to join in the party by taking a look at how commonwealth countries around the world will celebrate the birth of the future monarch.

easyJet predicts biggest summer holiday departure yet

easyJet, the UK's largest airline, will see almost nine million flying out of the UK this summer (between mid July and the end of September) with five and a half million of them travelling over the school summer holidays.

All-inclusive holidays may not save us as much money as we think

As more holidaymakers choose all-inclusive packages to cut costs, research for the third annual Post Office All Inclusive Holiday Report has revealed they could save money in some European destinations by booking a B&B holiday, eating in resort restaurants and buying drinks in local bars.

Top tips for flying long-haul

It’s that time of year when we’re all getting ready for our summer holidays in far flung hot and sunny destinations all over the world. We can’t wait for the holiday to begin, the only thing we’re not looking forward to is that 11 hour flight, so here at IWantSun.co.uk we’ve put together some top tips to help you survive that long-haul journey.

Camping is the most hated holiday

A week's camping with relatives tops the charts of the most hated holiday of all, according to new research from Holiday Extras.

The average child will visit 11 countries by age 16

The average child will travel more than 13,500 miles, visit at least 11 different countries by the time they are 16 and try 77 different dishes, new research has shown.

The votes are in on the UK’s top holiday hot spots for kids

Roskilly’s Ice Cream Farm in Cornwall, Croyde Bay in Devon and Legoland in Windsor…these are just a few of the holiday gems to feature in a unique guide to the UK – put together for children, by children.

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